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Siahfam, has started its activities in the field of exporting petrochemical products specially BITUMEN from 2008 under the name of Blij Oil Company with the objective of being the most trustworthy supplier in the zone and a leader in global market


To meet customer’s inquiries, by 2010 Siahfam has started to establish international offices in UAE & Kenya. Parallel in 2011 it became successful to export 423,000 MT of Bitumen to all around the world and the company transformed to "The Major Shareholder of export market" in Bitumen.


Due to its expertise in this field in 2012 the company has changed its vision for being an independent producer of Bitumen by establishment of a refinery and parallel was renamed to Siahfam. For the importance of prime quality products the company has started to launch an equipped laboratory in 2013 as an infrastructure of its refinery.


In the beginning of 2014, the first phase of Bandar Abbas refinery project has started and parallel the company started to establish the pilot Bitumen Plant. Siahfam plan for 2015 will be the utilization of its Export Terminal with the storage capacity of 20,000 MT for the improvement of our supply chain management.


Since Our VISION is To be the first choice supplier of Bitumen and related oil products for customers all over the world who need cost effectiveness, responsiveness, and innovative research and development. and for its fulfillment our Bandar Abbas refinery will be utilized by 2016 with the production capacity of 5000 MT per day to cover customer’s needs in Bitumen Industry.


Siahfam Company is fast becoming one of the leaders in the global export opportunities of Bitumen products using its extensive export knowledge and skills, business strength, and technical know-how. We have built our customer base on solid grounds of customer care, excellent reputation, being on time, and competitive pricing. All this has meant that our business plans for expansion are on target using the latest R&D and modern management skills. Our senior managers have international experience and are happy to meet our clients all over the world.

Siahfam is a privately owned company specializing in prime quality Bitumen, with offices in Tehran, UAE and Kenya. Our end-to-end services span every step in Bitumen supply chain. Our breadth of experience enables us to offer integrated supply chain solutions which deliver competitive advantages to our customers where ever they are.

Siahfam core values are both simple and effective. Our core values are honesty, quality, value for money, loyalty, and market leadership. We value our customers as our stakeholders. We like to provide them with state of the art R&D, while insisting on cost effectiveness. Our employees are experts in their own fields of production and supply procurement. Our extensive knowledge of export helps our customers to get their orders processed on time for customer deliveries.

Our strategy for growth is to build on our core trading business, expand both up and down the supply chain, both as producers and supplier, in order to give the service which our customers deserve Siahfam core business strategy is:

  • To focus on strong R&D
  • Provision of total supply management
  • Increase production capability and product development, whilst focusing on quality.
  • Effective and lean export management procedures.
  • Be a reliable and trusted partner
  • Leveraging our high purchasing power for the customers
  • Believing in international business culture.