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Recognition target market needs and requirements combined with lack of benefit from updated knowledge and technology of production process by current producers, caused Siahfam with its global presence to proceed the generation of Bitumen plant neighbored Bandar Abbas Refinery and also the utilization of Bitumen loading reserves at Shahid Rajaee water front with fund of more than 50 Million Dollars. Benefiting from updated technology capable our Bitumen Plant to have daily production capacity of 5000 MT of various grades of Bitumen in different packing type.

Plan of 2015

Generation of Bitumen production and packaging plant in an area of 5000 Meter square with production capacity of 1000 MT of Bitumen in all grade of paving packed In new steel Drums and jumbo Bag per day

Plan of 2016

Utilization of Bitumen production Refinery and packaging plant in an area of 165,000 Meter square in the vicinity of Bandar Abbas refinery with production capacity of 5000 MT of Bitumen in all grades of Paving, Emulsion (cationic & anionic),Cut back (RC, MC, SC ) , Modified (PMB, CRMB,….) packed in Jumbo bag, poly bag and new steel Drum